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HSN, an initialism of its former name Home Shopping Network, is an American free-to-air television network owned by the Qurate Retail Group, which also owns catalog company Cornerstone Brands. Based in the Gateway area of St. Petersburg, Florida, United States, the home shopping channel has former and current sister channels in several other countries. HSN also has an online outlet at HSN.com.

Jorge says, "My wife and I have been interested in buying and trying some products from HSN. When we try buying, they tell us our address is been Blacklisted from receiving products from their company. I inquired and found out the my very late tenant had problems with HSN and my 3 story house, which I occupy by myself and wife has be marked by HSN as a "Do not have business with this home". The customer service person I talked to said it will take 5-10 days to clear the issue. She was rude and not helpful. Incredible thank just because this tenant is Hispanic and so am I, my home gets discriminated. Unbelievably, I didn’t even know this was happening. I don’t need to buy from this bigot company. I won’t. To put all Hispanics in the bad not business category is wrong and illegal. Please let others know about this discriminatory practice this HSN company is getting away with."


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Order Puller (Former Employee) says

"While being there for the 5months i have received poor treatment and was being under paid. I do NOT recommend anyone working here. On my way out I was told by an employee of HR that I was giving up a "Great Opportunity". and that I wouldnt find another. Free Lunches, discount on goodsNot being paid properly"

Jmod (Former Employee) says

"HSN is a dump HSN is a easy job HSN will fire you for missing when you have a parent pass and they will tell you we tried to understand your situation but not a week sorry.UghEvery one and thing there"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Senior managers take advantage by presenting ideas for themselves, not truly where the ideas came from. They make decisions based on hearsay rather than talking and asking questions to get the facts correct in any situation.vacation timeNot being able to run the company in order for employees to get a full 40 hour work week"

Sales Rep (Current Employee) says

"They require for you to work as fast as possible without making any mistakes in their outdated slow systems for $11/hr. It is a work at home job so the best part its the commute. You can just go use the bathroom when needed. And is you are on a call with a customer on your scheduled time you just don't get a break. Their compliance is stricter than the FBI, they should spend that money on paying the employees more money and having better policies.Work from homeToo much for too little"

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"A truly awful place to work. The images they broadcast couldn’t be further from the reality of stepping foot inside this dingy, old bunker. The computers, chairs, phones and everything else are from 1982. It was like a weight lifted and the skies cleared when I drive out of the gate for the last time. I’d rather dig ditches."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked for HSN 6.5 years as a Customer Service Rep. I had this one supervisor who did not like me and though they rotate you through supervisors, I always ended up with this one. I was fired. The first night the issue was brought up, it was a "coachable" moment no biggie. My supervisor stated she could clearly hear the customer say "I am done" and hang up. OK Then the next day," You hung up on the customer". What???. What about what you said yesterday?? She then replied : I have listened to it all day and cant tell what she is saying". Anyone who works at HSN can tell you their phone system and computer systems are outdated and constantly are disconnecting the calls. They dont care. But let a customer call and say you hung up on them, then you are fired. Timeframes for taking calls and assisting customers is all about getting customers off the phone. So many time the customers are feeling rushed off the phone. Does management care?? No not one little bit. And if you have a problem with your supervisor, there is no one else to go to. She is it. There are better jobs out there"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Management & team leads in inbound is very incompetent & lazy. Too busy socializing & playing with cell phones to do their job. Cell phones should be prohibited in building PERIOD! No exceptions!"

Remote Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"HSN was awful from training to how they conduct business with employee's; never heard from a manager got minimal direction. Question's were not something they had answers for, bad software and the only time anyone was "coached" was when they were letting you know your time was about up. Don't suggest anyone work for them for the pay, terrible experiance. Alot of nothing!"

Returns Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Worst job ever. No life except to work, work, work. Never knew if you were going to work all day or not and never tell you about weekend work till you were leaving on Friday."

SHIFT LEADER (Former Employee) says

"In my personal opinion I wouldn't recommend starting here bc they don't care about individuals trying to make a living, supporting family, or anything else, but that doesn't benefit them without having a loss."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked for HSN 6.5 years as a Customer Service Rep. I had this one supervisor who did not like me and though they rotate you through supervisors, I always ended up with this one. I was fired. The first night the issue was brought up, it was a "coachable" moment no biggie. My supervisor stated she could clearly hear the customer say "I am done" and hang up. OK Then the next day," You hung up on the customer". What???. What about what you said yesterday?? She then replied : I have listened to it all day and cant tell what she is saying". Anyone who works at HSN can tell you their phone system and computer systems are outdated and constantly are disconnecting the calls. They dont care. But let a customer call and say you hung up on them, then you are fired. Timeframes for taking calls and assisting customers is all about getting customers off the phone. So many time the customers are feeling rushed off the phone. Does management care?? No not one little bit. And if you have a problem with your supervisor, there is no one else to go to. She is it. There are better jobs out there"

Returns Processor (Former Employee) says

"I was in returns, the manager had his picks and if you were not one of them your out the door. Its another company you can't seem to satisfy or work hard enough. Run!!!"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The job is ok at first but you will quickly find that you are just a number. Support isn't really an option since you are always "wrong" and customers will not like what you have to say because of the higher management."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a Software Engineer. The reason I left was the commute was unbearable. I was only there for a month assignment. The people were very friendly"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Hsn had a hard time keeping people due to management and it just wasn't enough pay for the job. The people were very hard to work with and did not make the job easy.LunchStressful place of work"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Very poor workplace culture Poor management team Lack of accountability Terrible communication between all levels No work/life balance Lack of teamwork"

Fielded inbound customer service, sales (Former Employee) says

"HSN is a shopping channel and the majority of its customers are much older, you either get the incredibly mean and rude customers or you get a nice customers who are slower than most. This company does not care about its employees and only values making more money. You are pushed to meet certain call handling times that seem unrealistic to most. It is back-to-back calls your entire shift, you have to remove yourself from taking calls just to use the restroom or take a sip of water while also worrying about your compliance being effected. They enforce policies that can be bent for certain customers at your discretion, but you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. so you never feel like you are winning. Had a very bad experience at this company. Only benefit is working from home which saves money, but you will be miserable here.Work from homeEverything"

Seasonal Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"You have no job security and are not guaranteed hours. when it gets slow they start laying people off even if you have great numbers. The management id incompetent and you are just a number. they don't care about their employees.Employee discount. You can work from home.No breaks, hours an't guaranteed, they fire you when they get slow"

Packer/Picker (Former Employee) says

"super discriminatory work place, unfair treatment of hard work feels like prison, ridiculous rules, can write you up for candy if they dont like you.no proslow pay, discrimination"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company is terrible. You are forced to listen to disgusting rude customers and mgmt does nothing. No raises, no incentives and no help... terrible I would never recommend this place to anyone. Management is always changing since people are leaving. They offer no help or incentives at all. They will push you to sell sell sell and do not take anything into account that sometimes the customer just does not want to buy anything else. HSN only cares about sales. That is it! You are forced to listen to customers who talk dirty, sexually explicit things and curse you out all while you are not able to do anything about it. When you bring it up to a sup you are told to deal with it. You also get paid vacation however don't expect to use it when you want. The computer will not approve it unless it is a random non busy day which is hardly ever. During the holidays expect to work 6 days to 5 days a week for 6 hours each day. They keep you right around 30 hours so they do not have to pay out benefits if you are PT. However after the holidays you will be lucky to get 10 hours every 2 weeks since it is slow. They do not care if you can't work that or what you were told during the interview process about hours worked a week. It is a work from home job however it is miserable. You are also scheduled breaks however if a call runs into your break that is your problem. They will not adjust your break at all... so if you do not keep your calls short or during the holidays you more than likely will not be going on break. Meaning you will have to work 5-6 hours straight without a bathroom break.work from homeNo breaks, bad hours, poor mgmt, poor work life, rude customers, rude sups, low pay, no hours after the holidays, max hours during the holidays, working into the late morning."

Tampa says

"HSN where to begin, the company as a whole is a complete joke. they pay people barely 11 bucks an hour to handle the job of 3 to 4 people. I was a sales agent, a customer service agent, an IT guy and a Spanish speaking minion. HSN claims that customers are the most important thing but also tell you to get rid of the call within 2 minutes or less. HSn doesn\'t care if the customer was sent the wrong item or that the item is broken, used, or defective. Since HSN does NOT own any of the products they peddle, they gladly ask all of their employees to just apologize and try to exchange the item if inventory is available. However, it\'s not as easy as it sounds and that\'s because the system that the employees must use, is difficult to operate and antiquated. Therefore by the time, I\'m able to do a simple exchange, five minutes have passed, which means I\'m 3 minutes over my limit and now I\'m going to get reprimanded. This happens all day long. Flexpay is another nightmare and not get me started on their free shipping. Working there is like juggling a chainsaw, a knife a rattlesnake, and a ball while being blindfolded. If you could do all of that, then why only get paid a lousy 11 bucks an hour"

Grandson says

"These parasites have been sucking my grandmother dry for decades with useless stuff. Over half of the stuff she receives she ends up sending back because the \"deals\" sounded good but she doesn\'t need it or the build quality of the items is awful. She has likely spent over a years worth of income in the last decade over return fees alone."

ceejay says

"donot become a vender. They are cold and cut throat in there process. They promise bells and whistles and then leave you out in the cold without any communication or feedback."

Lisa Neal says

"I recently purchased several items as Christmas gifts. I’ll just skip to the most important shipment. I purchased an item for my grandson. The item never showed up even though I was sent a confirmation that it had shipped what day it would be arriving yada yada. Here it is Jan. 3 still no present. No notifications, I haven’t left the house in anticipation that it may come. So I finally called today. HSN would only give me a tracking number. I called UPS told me it was cancelled. I called HSN back they tried to blame UPS again. I said I wanted to speak to a supervisor but the agent talked to them instead and I never did get a supervisor. Then the call was released. I called back Five more times and every time my call was released w/o even getting to talk to anyone. Just all number pushing and then released. Now I know your thinking I got irate but you would be wrong!! I guess when HSN screws their good customers over they won’t own up to it and their grade school approach is to just AVOID AVOID AVOID!!! Really? Thank god there is still QVC and they are awesome! I’m sure I’ll never hear anything back from HSN because they are a bunch of juveniles."

Jodie Hartley-Conway. says

"It's hard to slate the company because the company in question aren't the ones we ordered from, the company we used, used this companys name and as you can see those from GB are having the same issues. Order confirmed and dispacthed, but it never arrives. The courier company are not real, it says account suspended, it was never genuine. The contact number is unreachable. No emails back. The original HSN company have said they don't send out off the US. People from GB be warned and if you have ordered from them, I am sorry you have been fooled too. It is an Indian company, trading under Maya enterprises, the money changes from pound sterling to ruppees (sorry if that is spelt wrong), when finalising the transaction. Devastated dad and brother as it was their money and Christmas present."

Debi says

"I tried to order a product from HSN and was told to contact the number provided, I spoke to CSR he told me someone that lived at that address had a bad account. After talking with him we determined that it was the previous owners of our home. He told us because of this we can not order. I believe if this is the case it's ridiculous. Do we need to check a previous owner's credit to make sure they don't have outstanding accounts due?"

Petef Rankine says

"Order was delayed due to stock problems and was told item would be delivered on Christmas Eve. Tracking then said parcel had been delivered, was at home all day no one called , and no delivery. Tried to contact delivery company but my emails are being returned as undeliverable, tried to submit a complaint to hsntv on line again message could not be delivered. Cannot get through on phone. TOTAL SCAM DO NOT USE"

Corrine says

"I ordered the proform treadmill .Was the worst loudest horrible experience I’ve ever had with any product all my life will never order anything else of that magnitude they won’t send me a return receipt takes for ever and returns were horrible to send back large item ...I’m a unsatisfied customer totally..."

Pat Cassidy says

"I which I'd read reviews before I had ordered as I would never have touched this company with a barge pole!!. I ordered an item for a Christmas present and was notified it was dispatched and out for delivery. Well I have emailed this company and not received a reply to any so now I have emailed the delivery company in the vain hope of getting some info but I don't hold out much hope. I don't know how the people working for this company sleep at night knowing that people are being ripped off. !!!!"

Barbara Kisser says

"Do not order from this company. It's NOT REAL!"

Kevin Tutchener says

"I ordered an electronic foot and leg Massager for my 84 year old Mother early December. After a delay due to lack of stock I was told it would be arriving on Christmas eve. At 4.40pm I looked at the tracking status and it said 'Delivered 5pm' No it had not! Have sent countless e-mails with no reply and no phone numbers work. AVOID AT ALL COST. I feel I have been stitched up for £90. Why do you have to give one star and not none?"

A.S. says

"Your ufo didn’t last 24 hrs an you Wana charge me 7.99 to send it back.Is it my fault the toy didn’t last 24 hrs..wow"

Dawn Dion says

"i ordered a pacman arcade game for my family for christmas. it was left in the middle of my driveway with pac man written all over the box. you would think at christmas time they would atleast put it in a box and not advertise what it is. DISGUSTED that this is how you ship during the holidays. my first order with hsn and my last and i will let everyone know not to oder from here. Santa Claus gift was ruined. THANKS HSN....STUPIDITY!"

Nicolas Ramirez says

"Very Bad company.Scammers, they sell obsolete products and when you are going to return it you have to pay the return. Communication is lousy. the return is made to the manufacturer and not to them. HSN does not receive refunds. I DO NOT ADVICE TO BUY IN HSN."


"Pre-ordered an Apple IPad that HSN promised would be delivered by December 7th, on December 15th I checked my account and saw that my order had been cancelled, this was supposed to be a Christmas gift. When I called customer service I was told that the vendor could not fill the order so it was cancelled. This is the second time that I’ve had an item cancelled with no notification. I think that this company keeps selling items while on air that they have no intention of honoring. I will never again depend on HSN to honor an item that they’ve sold, they simply cancel your order. Terrible customer service."

Saba says

"Absolute disgrace of a company. Falsely trading under a different name when they take payment for an item i didn't order. Explained how a fraudulent activity took place with me. Have sent numerous emails with limited response. They say the trading out of Reading and the phone number on their site goes through to a Nottingham area is so bizarre, nobody answers anyway. They say they cancelled my order but no mention of the money taken from the credit card. The are based in India trading under Maya Enterprises and also I have been charged a non sterling transaction fee, all for an order I didn't place!!! They need to arrange this refund ASAP otherwise further action will be taken.... and guys please be careful when you do buy from them as I don't believe they are who they say they are."

Bruno says

"Placed an order #1708977438 late November 2020 for a Nespresso Coffee Machine. After 1 week I still had no news about the delivery nor a tracking number. I reached out to Customer Service and they told me to wait, the order will arrive on time (there were 2 days left). Of course 3 days later the order wasn't there. I called back, they did not know what was going on and when it will arrive, asked me to wait 5 more days (so 2-3 weeks total!) and gave me a $20 compensation. After a few more days, I just got an e-mail saying the order was cancelled and they were taking back the $20 compensation. Good job HSN, keep going, you're on the right path to bankruptcy."

Linda Wright says

"I ordered a Bear paw moto boot as a gift that my daughter longed for. Less than 2 minutes after the boot aired in pink I ordered it. I received the OAT COLORED BOOT! And of course I called CS and they have a lame excuse and the boot is out. No Christmas gift for my daughter!!! 2 weeks before Christmas! This is terrible!!! I believe that they gave my ordered boots to someone else and maybe an employee to then. THIS DOES IT! NO MORE HSN! Disappointed!"

keith says

"“Bate and Switch “ I order the Officejet 3830 printer after viewing an advertisement video of the printer with 2 HP XL63 ink cartridges next to it which they claimed came with the printer, so I ordered it. But to my dismay once I received my printer it didn’t have the HP XL63 ink cartridges, it was the regular cartridges you get with most printers, I thought it was a mistake so I called and explained but the only thing they offered was a $20 refund which in most cases is half the cost of just one Hp XL63 cartridge. I’m returning it for a full refund. Seem like the old bate and switch method."

Travis Faught says

"I ordered a Sonos Move on Black Friday 2020 through HSN, only to have my order cancelled later the next week by them because they oversold and don't have available stock. Even trying to curry favor with me by offering $55 in KA$H credit is useless, because I don't want to buy something else, and the product is now $120+ more expensive (at places I can actually buy it from) now that BFCM weekend has passed. That's the type of 1st purchase experience that will have someone never go back."

Christine Anda says

"I bought 3 sets of 3 in 1 NFL. It shows on video 3 different shirts the guy is wearing. I got my merchandise and received only 2. I called them and customer service said it's only 2 shirts that I should get and the third is when the guy put the two shirts together that is just an example how to wear it. So I told them why would you guys put 3 in 1? False advertisements!!"

Jeffrey Wallach says

"I ordered a product on HSN. I usually never have issues but now I have had my first and it has been very unpleasant. This was the first time I ordered something as a gift and I received the wrong item. I called customer service and they said they would get a replacement out. The replacement has been sitting in the packaging status for weeks. The CSR has no answers as to when it will ship. I advised her that I needed this as a gift and all she said was I hope you get it in time. No empathy whatsoever. Thinking about closing my HSN credit card account and be done with them."

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